Rachel Lark

And The Damaged Goods


Fuck The Wall

What immigrants are enduring at the Southern Border and in ICE prisons throughout the United States is appalling, shameful, and terrifying and we must stop it. We are imprisoning innocent people indefinitely and subjecting them to torture.

People are dying, getting raped, getting beaten, getting placed in solitary confinement, getting fed rotten food, having miscarriages, and getting denied medical care.

Families are being separated.

People are being tortured into signing their own deportation orders to go back to the countries where gangs and governments wait at the airport, ready to kill them.

What will it take for you to do something?

Our government is responsible for destabilizing almost every democratic government in Latin America. This is our mess to clean up.

People say…

We can’t just open the border.

But the border IS open to the most powerful and dangerous people already.

The only people who can’t get in are the most vulnerable, most in need of help, and most defenseless against being trafficked by cartels or forced into slavery in the remote deserts of Mexico and the U.S.

Here are organizations that are doing good work. You should volunteer with them and/or send them money. Like, right now.


Al Otro Lado

I volunteered with Al Otro Lado several times in Tijuana. They are fearless badass advocates for immigrants’ rights. They hold daily Know Your Rights Trainings for Asylum Seekers and represent hundreds of immigrants across the country.

You can fill out their Volunteer Form

You can Donate Here

Enclave Caracol

Enclave Caracol is an incredible autonomous community center that also provides office space for Al Otro Lado and other organizations working to support immigrants at the border.

Support their fundraiser for a new LGBT shelter at their GoFundMe Page

Volunteer there by cooking at their Food Not Bombs Kitchen in Tijuana

San Diego Rapid Response Network

This organization is helping immigrants who have been released on the street with no resources or direction. They are helping to provide emergency housing and find them long term support.

You can Donate Here

You can Volunteer Here


Become a Sponsor

I’m part of a national network that’s coordinating allies to sponsor immigrants to help get them out of detention. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or supporting our work please send me an e-mail