Rachel Lark

And The Damaged Goods

Ghostship Memorial Digital Mixtape

Hi Everyone,

On December 2nd, 2016, a fire engulfed the Ghostship warehouse, and 36 incredible people were stolen from the Bay Area. Among them was a friend, Ben Runnels. We weren't close, but I knew him well enough to love and respect him, and to regret not knowing him better. As I mourned the tragedy and took a deep dive into his music, I started branching out and listening to the music of all of the musicians who were lost. The community that was most affected by the fire was an adjacent electronic scene to the ones that I'm a part of. This stuff was all dark electro and techno; not usually my thing. But as I explored these projects more, the texture of the aesthetic started to emerge, and I felt myself appreciating the tonalities and the risk taking, the discordance and the infectious abrasiveness, not to mention the touching voices, melodies, and poignant lyrics.

Below is a link mixtape of my favorite tracks that I've found. It's a small, small portion of the music that they've produced, but hopefully each link can also serve as a jumping off point for you as well.  I'd like to mention that I found that Barrett Clark's label, Katabatik has many compilations that are free to download which include work from many of the artists below. Check out the compilations here

To donate to the fire relief effort, please make a contribution here.

Peace, love, and art you guys,

Vanfantom - Steppin’ Out

Introflirt - Spadina

Finger The Janitor - Tender Body Found in Swamp

Charlie Prowler - Heaven

Symbiotix Fungi - People Like Us

Nex Iuguolo - Voyage to a Remote Star

ICPCP - Drain Rave - Side A

Paraclyst - A.1

Dilated Ears - MoogMSP Dilated Nest

Alien Slang - The Discontent of His Briefcase and the Contemporary Conquistador

Coral Remains - DNA Eraser

Them Are Us Too - Us Now

Heavenly - tears rain heavenly

Prist - Still Movin’

Nackt - Black Widow

Nackt - Scheherazade (City Mix)

Obsidian Blade - Jung Wrecks

Uncanny Valley - Rising

Cherushii - Cabo Blanco

Easy Street - Forever Love

HGS - Pepe y Las Ardillas

RPTN - resonance

Ghost Of Lightning - All Is Fair In Dreams


Burning Man Shows!

The man burns in 12 days.  

But I'm playing in 8!  Are you going to be on playa?  Come see me!  Here are my scheduled Burning Man performances.

Tuesday 3:30PM Center Camp
Tuesday 9:30PM Dustfish (7 & Esplanade)
Wednesday night / Thursday morning Sunrise near the Temple
(from the Crystal Ship art car)

I hope I see you there!

<3   )'(